About us

Doris Sitter opened a Dance Studio in Moose Jaw in 1948 and by 1966, the Doris Sitter School of Dance was a recognized and registered Dance Studio.  

For over 60 years, Mrs. Sitter shared her passion for dance and provided a strong foundation for students pursuing a career in the arts.  So many of her students have successful careers because of her special mentorship and guidance.  

Mrs. Sitter retired in 2008 and Anita Herle-Bauck and Darla Thompson-Zerff, both trained and mentored by Doris Sitter, became owners of the Dance Studio and incorporated the business.

ABout the Doris Sitter Dance School


A passion for dancing

We are passionate about:

  • providing high quality, professional dance education
  • a friendly, family-oriented environment
  • preserving the Doris Sitter School of Dance reputation
  • dance excellence for seventy (70) years.



We are dedicated to providing support and the necessary resources for students towards:

  • setting realistic personal goals
  • achieving their personal best to build self-esteem
  • developing self-discipline as a life skill
  • engaging in a teamwork environment for life experience  
Dedicated to providing dance support