Ballet Classes

Professional ballet instructors

Our Ballet Instructors

Our Instructors have the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) certification from London, England. The RAD Syllabus has been specially designed to provide your child with high caliber, quality ballet education and training. Instructors are dedicated to developing a strong technical Ballet foundation in students. To this end, they constantly upgrade their technical expertise. RAD Ballet Examinations are offered to students every year but are not mandatory.


Tiny Tots

Tiny Tot Classes are 30 minutes and offer the perfect beginner ballet experience for children aged 3 – 4 years.  

Classes are ballet based and follow the preliminary RAD level and introduce your child to beginning steps and musicality. They learn to listen and follow directions in a group environment. 

Tots Ballet classes
Children dance classes

Registration Requirements:

Fully toilet trained

No separation anxiety

Commitment for recital “Every Child a Star”

Stamina for three shows – a matinee and two evenings

Preliminary Ballet

Preliminary Ballet classes are 45 minutes and are developed specifically for children aged 5 – 6 years.  

  • Introduction of technical steps and musical concepts.
  • Increase and improve confidence, balance and musicality.
  • Begins the foundation for all dance disciplines.
  • Performs in “Every Child a Star” Recital.
Ballet lessons for preliminary ballet
Ballet classes for teenagers

Graded and Vocational Ballet Classes

Graded:  Primary Ballet through to Grade Eight (8) inclusive
Vocational:  Inter-foundation through to Advanced Two.

  • Progressive and provide more intensive dance instruction
  • Follow the RAD Syllabus.
  • Focus on building a solid ballet foundation
  • Enhance other dance disciplines
  • Strongly recommended for serious dancers
  • Perform in “Every Child a Star”
  • At Teachers’ discretion, compete in competitions